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Help I'm new here!

New Member from Northwest Ohio
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okay but that may not be a while i have moved on to powered paragliding and haven't used the parasail in a while. Thanks for the offer, the crafts are coming along well  now. 


Yes that was me next time I will take you Up on the parasail you offered. If you need help with your crafts let me know!


I'll def get in touch with you when I get one of these running. I can't remember the color of the one Is saw. But me and my buddy were hanging out on the island with the little huts on it but on the sandbar side, I think we have been doing some parasailign off it,  and whoever it was stopped and gave my buddy a ride. 


If the hover was yellow it was me . Call or email about going out on the river. Mike


Hihi also from just up the road in Adrian on the Maumee all the time


Just scroll down to the very bottom below the left side menu, you'll see our facebook page link

Dave Reyburn ~
VP & Treasurer, Hoverclub of America
Vortex Raptor F1/FS Racer
Revtech Renegade Cruiser
Thanks for the warm welcomes everyone. I am certain I will have the scat II up and running within a month. I am not one to let projects sit and I am pretty pumped to get playing around with these! Hopefully I can get in touch with someone in Ohio who has gone the home built route. This is probably my 8th time having to deal with title issues like this. My only concern is that if the DNR inspector is aware that Scat ever titled and gave these HIN numbers than he won't be keen on giving me a knew one. We'll figure it out tho! I def. plan on taking part in events that are nearby me as my schedule allows. Dave, talking to Scott I actually live just a mile or two down on the Maumee river from where you guys go. Only ever seen one hovercraft out here in my hundreds of days on the river!

Scott what is the name of the Facebook page? I tried to find it but I couldn't
Welcome to the club Mathew.  We also have an annual cruise on the Maumee river near Toledo, so if you get your craft ready in time for that you'll get to meet some of the locals.  I think that one's in Sept. this year.  This forum is a good resource for information so hang around and you'll learn the things you need to know to get you up to speed with our awesome sport.

Dave Reyburn ~
VP & Treasurer, Hoverclub of America
Vortex Raptor F1/FS Racer
Revtech Renegade Cruiser
Congratulations on becoming a member of the HCA. As we talked the other night you might want to look up a few people that deal with the scats a lot. Just off the top of my head some names would be Mike Lynch, Gary Luke & Jason Kuehn. All of these guys bring something different to the mix and are a great resource for the club. Don't forget the Facebook page. You will get some quick hits there and can follow up in this forum. Hope to see you hovering this year. there are several events within a few hours drive that I'm sure you would enjoy with or without a hovercraft. 

Scott Hull
Hoverclub of America President
Hey Matthew,I would just go to a boat dealer or BMV and just tell them it,s a homemade boat. They just need the lengh and horsepowerI,m thinking. Most ofthem don,t even know what a hovercraft is. Then you can get your # and decal and go hovering. I live  in western Ohio near Lima. There is a cruise on May 18 in Noblesville IND. I would recommend going there. There are people there that have and know all about Scats and it is always a good time there !!!
 Steve W
Hi Matthew

Welcome to the world of hovercraft! Have you become a member of the club? The club is filled with good people and lots of information. Congratulations on your Scat 1 and 2 craft.

I'm glad you chose the Scat 2 to restore first. The Scat 2 is an improved version of the Scat 1 in many ways. Starting with a 277 will be fine especially if you are a first time hoverer. The 277 is 26 horsepower and the bare minimum to move a Scat 1 but in a Scat 2 you will find performance to be a bit peppier. The Scat is very responsive and reacts well by moving yourself around and leaning into turns (leaning into the direction you want to go). The Scat 2 also floats better than a Scat 1 but being pull start I still wouldn't recommend shutting it down over water unless it's shallow and you can get out and stand in it. When you upgrade to a 503 you will find your Scat's performance to be amazing compared to a 277. If you don't mind the look, I would suggest you mount the exhaust around the side and outside the duct for better lift. As far as piston rings it looks like those on eBay will work.  You probably know this but anything that says aircraft on it will be more expensive.

As far as titling, maybe someone from Ohio will chime in as rules for registering vary state to state but most will require you register your hovercraft as a boat. Sometimes you can get around a title and sometimes a state will issue you a new one. Call your registration office and they can answer your questions as well. Again WELCOME.
Hey all my name is Matthew and I am new here and to hovercrafts. A little intro, I am 23 years old and I live up in Toledo. Recently graduated college and I am working full time as a Mechanical Engineer. I generally have a lot of toys and projects like these going on. At the moment I have been spending most of my time converting a 2000 freightliner sleeper cab semi, into a 30' rv. I spend a lot of time o the water and I have built several one off boats including a tiki bar quadtoon boat and 16' jet powered aluminum boat. hence these hovercrafts will spend most of their time on or near the water. I also spend a lot of time flying my powered Paraglider when the weather allows. I got in touch with Scott Hull and he advised me that I get plugged in on this website, sounds like a lot of good people. I did want to double check that I am in the right spot as their are two forums here. 

I purchased a pair a scat 1 and scat 2 as a project bundle, I guess you could say. The crafts are totally disassembled including the engines (277 rotax) but the only thing missing is 1 skirt (other is brand new). I am going to put the scat II together relatively quickly here and hopefully get it going. The big questions at the moment would be in regards to getting these legal and parts sourcing. I am sure I will have many technical questions along the way. I do have a heavy inclination towards swapping in a 503 rotax after getting a feel with the 277 in there. 

 I shouldn't needed any parts but I actually cracked the piston rings when I was checking everything out. Lockwood sells them but $120 for a set of piston rings seems ridiculous!! would this work -

Like I said my second question is in regards to titling. I didn't get a title from the previous owner and I am sure that the titles on these were lost in translation many owners and years back. I would like to try and title it as a home built and I have receipts for all of the parts. Anyone with experience here want to give me some advice. It is so hard / impossible to track down and get new title in Ohio that it is just not even worth it. It would be 2014 till I could use these things if I went that route. 

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