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Help I'm new here!

New guy here to say hello
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Hi Garrett,
There are several hovercrafters up your way; the Pacific Northwest is sort of SEVTEC-Central ;)  Lots of SEVTEC craft in your neck of the woods since Barry Palmer, founder of SEVTEC, lives in Monroe, WA on the Skykomish River.  Bryan Phillips now runs SEVTEC Kits, as well as Amphibious Marine just outside Shelton, WA.  At times, the Northwest Hover-In drew 30 some-odd craft to the shores of the rivers on which it was hosted, but attendance has waned over the years.  Also, not all hovercrafters are necessarily members of the HCA, though I wish they cheap for membership and its benefits/connections!  You can inquire on the HCA Facebook page; there are a few Northwesterners on there.  You might also peruse the membership directory on the SEVTEC Kits Forum, as there are some builders/pilots in your area:
John Carter
Current Fleet: SEVTEC Prospector, FanTastic, Vanguard, Weber StarCruiser
Past Fleet: UH-15P, SEVTEC Utility, SEVTEC Scout
I've been a member for years but am now building a craft (UH-17t).  I live in Newberg Oregon, just south of Portland.  Not too many Hover fanatics around here, or at least not many that are registered club members that I can find.
I'm looking for anyone to connect with that is anywhere nearby.
Anybody else out there that is Oregon/Washington?
Hello.  I am a new member as well. I will keep it short and simple. I have an Air Commander AC3, Hoverjet and we use another Hoverstar in our classes here in Montana.
Looking for other Air Commander Pilots as well to share info.
Jim Crews
316 9th St
Stevensville, MT 59870
thanks for the information harold, I'll have a look.
Hi Peter, a sincere welcome to the club.  I had the pleasure of spending the night in Vancouver and exploring a bit before leaving on a cruise to Alaska.  What a beautiful area!  And what a delightful area to fly a hovercraft.  We have a member in Sheldon, Washington, Bryan Phillips who builds hovercraft.  His business is Amphibious Marine and he has built some really nice craft.  Look in the membership directory on this club site.  You can check state/province and see what comes up...or check country.  Hope this will help.
Harold Carter #4897
Snellville, GA (Atlanta suburb)
I thought it would be a good idea to join the club as I'm very interested in getting a Hovercraft and would be interested to know if there are any other enthusiasts in my area ( Vancouver Island ). I have done quite a bit of research on the various Hovercraft available but some advice from your members would be appreciated.
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