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Hovercraft Events - Past and Present

Piqua Ohio Race
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Sorry to hear, Mike

Hey guys, this is Brian, ryans dad. Ryan didnt get his hovercraft ready for the race and decided not to go. I was hoping to find somebody to drive with. My rig is good to go and i even took time off of work for the event ,but then my trucks brakes decided to lock up, meaning another new caliper, minimum.  At that point i gave up, totally bummed. Hope everyone had fun,  Brian R  

Ryan,I am going give me a call at 517 902 4810 mike mcfarland


Why isn't your Dad bringing you?  He should be racing too.

Dave Reyburn ~
VP & Treasurer, Hoverclub of America
Vortex Raptor F1/FS Racer
Revtech Renegade Cruiser
Any one from MI going to Piqua for the race? My UH 10f is ready but i have no one to go with. Let me know if anyone is intrested. Im in Howell. Please contact me at   Thanx, Brian  R
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