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Random Hovercraft Pictures - 3
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China PLA Navy Hovercraft

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Photo shows a hovercraft which was independently developed by China. Dubbed "wild horse at sea," the high-speed amphibious landing craft conducted its first coordinated training with its mother ship "Jinggangshan" on March 20, 2013. [Photo/Xinhua]


31 Levitating Vehicles From the Dawn of the Hovercraft

A handful of these are new to me, and given my propensity for finding rarely seen hovercraft, color me impressed by this collection.

The skirtless craft are of special interest, because we just don't see these attempted anymore.

Cheers, George
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[B]Boeing stealth hovercraft[/B]
[url=]Boeing stealth hovercraft | Aerospace Projects Review Blog[/url]
[QUOTE]The other artwork in the pile seemed to be from the 1970's, so it’s a safe bet this design dates from then as well.[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE]This is the hovercraft tank. In the mid-1930s, hovercraft were all the rage of the New Soviet Man. Vladimir Levkov, the father of the hovercraft, had developed the L-1 hovercraft in 1934. It is potentially the world’s first hovercraft. As the 1940s approached and war across Europe appeared more imminent, Levkov was keen on finding military applications for hovercraft.[/QUOTE]
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