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Help I'm new here!

New member need guidance
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Hi Bryan,
Do you run the ski hill?  If so, I need to get over there and get some downhill in...been too long!!  Not a lot of skiing here in Florida ;)
Hey, you're right in the middle of SEVTEC territory!!  There are about 4 or 5 right in your neck of the woods around Anchorage and Wasilla.  They've been running up to the Knick Glacier lately.  You can see some of their adventures over on the SEVTEC Kits Forum

For your type of running in isolated large expanses of saltwater and tidal flats, I wholeheartedly recommend a SEVTEC design.  You can carry 4 adults in a SEVTEC 'Super' Surveyor on as little as 29hp EFI Kohler normal conditions.  However, more people in your area have opted for the 40HP Kohler with the Carbon-90 drive because of the winds and waves you're more likely to get out there.  You could drop that drive on the 7.5x15 Super Surveyor hull, or gain a fair amount more payload by building the 8x16 or 8x18 Geoduck hull.  The high bow design just eats terrain and waves, and the multi-compartmented cushion helps keep the craft in trim with larger loads.  The design is well-suited for camping, long-distance cruising, rough terrain, and low spray.  Having only one 4-stroke engine will allow you to cruise quite some time on a small amount of fuel as compared to a 2-stroke craft.  It's much quieter and easier on the passengers and environment, too.

You can find out much more about the various SEVTEC builders plans/models over at SEVTEC Kits
Turn-key models and occasionally used SEVs are available at Amphibious Marine
Here's a video I made of 3 of us flying a SEVTEC Explorer from Seattle to Juneau up the Inside Passage

You can see a blog of the trip in the "Alaska" section of my site linked below.
Feel free to contact me for further're in for loads of fun!!  I can put you
in touch with some of the SEVTEC owners up your way.

John Carter
Current Fleet: SEVTEC Prospector, FanTastic, Vanguard, Weber StarCruiser
Past Fleet: UH-15P, SEVTEC Utility, SEVTEC Scout
Hi Dave,
     Thanks for getting back to me.  I had orginally bought plans for a UH-13P sportsman.  at that time I just had the 24 hp honda.  Then one of my snowcat operators ran over a brand new snowmachine destroying everything but the engine.   So i inherited a 120hp rotax.  I was looking at the scat and hoping to model after that but with a two engine design.  I spoke with Jason at Slipstream about what i had going on and he sold me the skirt and sized the fans for me.  I realize I have the kart in front of the horse, especially not really knowing how to build the hull.   I am thankfull that the good people at Neoteric Hovercraft told me about the Hover-club. (My wife was getting tired of me bouncing my ideas off of her)  I would like to be able to carry 4 people and hopefully incoporate the parts that i already have.  If not i will have some parts for sale.  Unfortanlly there isn't anyone with hovercraft very close to me that i know of.  The Sevtec design looks really good for the type of area I am in.  Is there a place where I could purchase plans for that type of craft?  
Hi Bryan and welcome to the club!
It seems you may be going about this the wrong way.  You generally decide on the hull (based on how how big you need it, how many passengers, how much payload, what you're wanting to do with it, those sorts of things), then that dictates the type and size of engine and prop/fans needed.  It's always best to use someone else's established working plans or a good working used craft to start, before building your own from scratch (unless you have considerable experience building boats, planes, etc) 

Are there any other hovercraft owners anywhere near you that you can talk to?  I know there are hovercraft owners up there, but that's a big area!!  You need to see a machine up close and talk to an owner to narrow it down.  Are you thinking Sevtec design?

PS. you want a vertical shaft for the lift engine unless the design specifically calls for a horizontal shaft.  24hp for lift should be plenty, probably too much infact.

Dave Reyburn ~
VP & Treasurer, Hoverclub of America
Vortex Raptor F1/FS Racer
Revtech Renegade Cruiser
Hello Everyone,
    My name is Bryan and i live in Girdwood, AK.  Girdwood is located right next to the Turnagain Arm,  a large tidal flat that fills up with water twice a day but the rest of the time is mainly glacial silt.  It is an untapped playground, jet boats don't run in it because the silt eats the jet pump and props don't because of the shallow ever changing channels.  A hovercraft would be the perfect way to safely navigate the arm.  I am in the process of building one but need some help.  I have been looking at hovercraft online for the past year.   I have been rounding up parts, but the more i learn the more my plans keep changing.  I want to build one that can carry 4 people.  I bought a scat finger skirt (the bigger one 6ft wide by 12ft long)  but now want to go a little bigger maybe 8ft wide by 13ft long.  I have a 120hp rotax for the thrust fan.  My thrust fan is a 42" dia 9 blade hascon.  My lift fan is a 30"dia 9 blade hascon.  I have a 24hp honda for the lift but am not sure if thats enough?  The honda is a horizontal shaft so i will lose efficiency with a 90 degree drive.  If someone could recommend the right amount of hp for the lift would be great.  The other thing i am stuck on is a good hull design. 
    any help would be greatly appreciated
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