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My UH-12 Rebuild
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Wow, that looks SHARP!  Nice job - hope to see you @ White River.

Marquis Songer
HCA #5480
Terre Haute, IN
Looks like you have done an excellent job.  Do you have any guarding to add to the fans?  It is a lot more open then today's standards like.  This may be how they did it back then too.

Josh Speer
Terre Haute, Indiana
UH-17 T Hovercraft

Yes that was the yellow one. All original, 1200 VW pusher and 395 JLO for lift. Built just like the plans say. It had a lot of rot from sitting on the trailer uncovered. Both engines run well, no smoke from VW and hardly any play in 4th bearing. New skirt from Jason at Slipstream, made it myself from old template.

Just looked at your profile and yes it is.  Looking forward to seeing it in person.  You should still come to the event. 

Josh Speer
Terre Haute, Indiana
UH-17 T Hovercraft
Nice looking craft.  Is that the UH-12 that was on Indiana Craigslist and was  yellow.

Josh Speer
Terre Haute, Indiana
UH-17 T Hovercraft

Nice!  What kind of engines are you using?

Dave Reyburn ~
VP & Treasurer, Hoverclub of America
Vortex Raptor F1/FS Racer
Revtech Renegade Cruiser
Almost done with my UH-12 Rebuild. 
I need to still do all the wiring. I was trying to make the White River Run this year but I think I need more time!


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