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Help I'm new here!

Yes... Another New guy
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Hi Tony,
Wow, you're literally about a 2-hour's drive from I'd say over two dozen hovercraft/pilots!!  Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, & Illinois is Hover-Central!!  You'll have ample opportunity to attend hover-ins close by, and likely see example of just the craft you're building.  Prepare to have the fun of your life!!  What do you do for CSX?  I've been a train buff since I was a kid growing up near a switchyard in St. Louis.  I worked on the IMAX Film "Rocky Mountain Express," riding a 1939 Hudson 4-6-4 on the CP rail from Vancouver to Calgary through the Canadian Rockies....incredible experience!!  The director, Stephen Low, is making another IMAX train film of modern day operations.  I think it's sponsored by Norfolk & Southern.  I hope to get out on the rails once again on this film!
John Carter
Orlando, FL
Current Fleet: SEVTEC Prospector, FanTastic, Vanguard, Weber StarCruiser
Past Fleet: UH-15P, SEVTEC Utility, SEVTEC Scout
I am in Terre Haute as well.  There are several of us around the area.  Feel free to ask questions.

Josh Speer
Terre Haute, Indiana
Vortex Storm
Wow.. Had no clue there was anything that close by.  Im not far at all from Terre Haute.  I Work for CSX we have a Yard there.  I will be joining up with the Wabash Valley Group for sure..   Also just found out about slipstream.  Hoping they can be a good source for some of my much needed parts.. Starting to source everything for the build while the snow melts.
Hi Tony - welcome to the club.  I'm not too far away from you in Terre Haute.  I've built all kinds of craft over the years, and worked for Universal Hovercraft in the early 2000's.  I currently teach at Terre Haute South.  I'll be happy to help you out if you have any questions.  I'm quite familiar with the 13p/14p design.
We have a Wabash Valley group that will start meeting up again soon.  We've been a little dormant since fall.  We're planning on meeting in Indianapolis at the Slipstream/Hoverstream shop sometime soon.  Keep an eye out for details.  I'll probably send out an email to everyone within a couple hour drive from Terre Haute.

Marquis Songer
HCA #5480
Terre Haute, IN
Thought I should introduce myself here..  Hello Everyone,  My name is Tony.  Live in central Indiana not to far from Bloomginton in a small town called Eminance.  Recently purchased a  set of plans to build a UH-14p with my Son.  Been wanting to build a hover for years and years now is finally the time so I joined..   Im a avid RC Helicopter Pilot.  Have raced about everything fun on wheels and now wanting to build a nice little river cruser just to explore with and enjoy.   Hoping to learn and help where I can.  Looking forward to meeting some people and starting the build.  Never even seen a hovercraft fly so this should be a intresting project. 
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