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hoverally poll results
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Ok some further updates - 

After showing the odd poll results to the Club Express people, they discovered an error in the way they show the results, but they also discovered that there were 5 duplicate votes.  But no explanation as to how that happened.  For the record, we have no idea who voted.  It's all anonymous, and they won't even give that info to the admins.  They have corrected the poll results which are:
26 total votes
8 prefer a 2 day event
8 prefer a 3 day event
10 don't care one way or the other.
So there you go.

Dave Reyburn
President, Hoverclub of America

So apparently the CE Polling has a rounding problem.  Anyway here's the actual results of the Hoverally poll:

31 people responded.
13 people prefer a 2 day event (41.93%)
8 people prefer a 3 day event (25.8%)
10 people don't care (32.25%)
Dave Reyburn
President, Hoverclub of America

I'm in agreement with that too Marquis.  (BTW not sure how the math worked out in that poll, but I'll look again at the final results).

I'm thinking we're going to do a club sponsored cookout under the bridge Friday evening.  This will be organized and paid for by the club for those that show up early and help set up, but also for those that just want to make it a 3 day weekend and come up on Friday.  It will save the club quite a bit of money by not having to hire the fire dept and rent porta potties for an extra day.  The last couple years we've spent about $1500 more than we took in. That's ok but there's no sense in having a 3 day event if we can do it in 2 days at less cost.  The alternative was to increase the entry fees to probably double what they were last year, and I'm sure if I asked everyone if they were ok with that I'd get a resounding NO!  So let's try it and see how it goes this year.  I'd like to get someone in charge of organizing the Sunday afternoon gathering prior to departing.  Maybe Mike McFarland can organize that and announce it prior to the event so people can plan on staying later on Sunday and attending.

Dave Reyburn
President, Hoverclub of America
Interesting arithmetic!  Coincidentally, ClubExpress (our website company) is in the Chicago suburbs!
My thoughts on Hoverally being 2 or 3 days:  back in the Troy, OH days Hoverally was always Saturday & Sunday.  Early birds would arrive Friday to just hangout and pitch in with whatever needed to be done.  When Hoverally moved to Chillicothe, OH it was expanded to 3 days, mainly to try to capitalize on the potential to have large crowds on the Friday evening/night.   Since then it's stayed a 3 day event.
My thought is that should go back to officially being just Saturday and Sunday.  Too many people are unable to get off of work to make any kind of organized activity on Friday.  I've also noticed the last few years that Sunday has become slow with many people leaving early.  I think there should be an earlybird social event Friday night, followed by organized hovering activities on Saturday and Sunday, wrapping things up with an optional dinner gathering Sunday before departing.

Marquis Songer
HCA #5480
Terre Haute, IN

40% + 35% + 30% = 105%  Was this vote taken in Chicago????


I'm surprised to see how close it was. I think polls like this could be a good way to keep people in the group involved. Even if they are just for fun hover related topics, its kind of fun finding out what the group thinks without any drama that sometimes comes up on the forums.

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