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Help I'm new here!

New to Hovercraft's and have a question
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Hi my name is Bob Minnich I live in Leo Indiana I have made 3 hovercraft's and am on my 4th build and have registered all of them Im pretty sure they registered them as a boat I registered them in Auburn Indiana if you would like you can call me at 260-418-0007 and I can let you know what I had to do to get it right Thanks Bob Minnich
I'm located between Plymouth & Warsaw about 5 miles South of US 30. I have a 1985 HoverStar and a 1988 HoverJet. Both crafts have a Factory Hull ID tag but neither came with a title, Bill of Sale only. I plan to keep and use the HoverJet but I would like to get the HoverStar registered because I believe it will make it easier to sell.
Hi James,
Where in Indiana are you located?  I'm in Terre Haute along with Josh Speer and Chris Fitzgerald.  Jason Kuehn is in Indianapolis, Dave Reyburn is in Goshen. 
What craft are you trying to register?  Does it already have a hull ID number?  If so, you'll just need to take the title in and tell them it's a hovercraft and they should be able to do it.  It's been a while, but I believe they register them as an ATV now but you'll get boat numbers.

Marquis Songer
HCA #5480
Terre Haute, IN
I live in Indiana and I've recently purchased a couple Hovercraft's. How do I go about registering the 1 I'm going to keep?
I spoke to a DNR officer and he said I have to register it at the BMV as a watercraft but the lady at the BMV said it is considered a ORV. 
I'm hoping there is a Indiana member on here that has run into this and can tell me... Is it considered a ORV or does it have to be registered as a boat?
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