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Forum Rules and Information

Forum Rules and procedures

Dave Reyburn

Welcome to the HCA forums! There are a few rules and procedures you should all know about before posting in the forums.

New Members
Guests are welcome to browse the forums, but you must be a member of the Hoverclub of America to post. Membership is cheap and has numerous benefits outside of being able to post on this board, so if you're not a member, join up!

Forum Rules

1. Respect others.
If you wouldn't say it to their face, then you shouldn't post it here.
2. Pay attention to categories.
Please post your messages in the appropriate category. It helps to keep things organized and makes your message easier to find. If you think a category needs to be added, send me an email.
3. Please stay on topic in individual threads.
If you have a topic or question unrelated to the title of the thread, please start a new thread in the appropriate section.

That's it! If you break either of these rules, you will be warned by a moderator. If you continue to be a pest, you will be banned until you plead forgiveness from your administrator (and the person you flamed if you're in trouble for Rule #1).

Enjoy the forums!

Dave Reyburn