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New HCA Forum

Dave Reyburn

Hi Folks,
We're starting this new forum beginning with the new year 2013 (OK a little early). You will see that we are still maintaining the "Old forum" in the menu. This will be a gradual transition over a period of time. We expect to fully transition to the new forum and disconnect from the old forum after several months.

The reason for the new forum is twofold.

  • Firstly, we wish to bring everything under one roof.It has been confusing to new members to have a discussion forum that is hosted on a dis-similar web site, and with it's own separate login procedure. Having the forum built in to our web site removes this problem, and makes life easier for the admins who have to answer all the emails seeking help logging into the system. One log-in, one web site - Simple. 
  • The second reason is to save on costs. The Hover club currently pays $20 per month for the old forum and it's photo gallery. These tools are built-in to our web site, and cost us nothing beyond our normal monthly web site maintenance costs, so it's a $240 per year savings for the club.

We will be moving all the photos from the old gallery over to our "Photo Pages", but we will not be able to move the old message threads over to the new forum. It simply isn't possible, and many message threads have links to other message threads that could not be translated. So we must start from scratch, therefore we will keep the Old Forum accessible for a period of several months, or until the admins decide that we can switch it off.

Dave Reyburn