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Hovercraft Events - Past and Present

Spring Fling at Big Spring

Dave Reyburn

Message below is from Harold Carter

Ladies and gentlemen, this post is going out to mostly Hoverclub members who have at one time or another joined in the fun during the October events at Big Spring.  It is also going out to a few of my friends who aren’t members just so they will know I am thinking of them and some who I know cannot attend but I just wanted to include you in the mailing.  Also, a couple of new Hoverclub members will be receiving this who have already committed to attend the Spring Fling.  Welcome to the club!  The event is April 19-21, 2013 at Rural Retreat Campground.  There is ample information on the club Forum but if you don’t see what you need, please contact me.
By this time three weeks from now the Spring Fling will be history so time is running out for US to get our crafts ready to go.  I’m included in the US...some of you know my plight with my Kohler engine.  Believe me, I am working on it.  As you know, this is a new event or at least a new time but it is not meant to replace the October event.  It will be laid back as usual but there will be at least three planned “formal” events as follows:
1)  Breakfast at B & B Marina leaving Rural Retreat at 9 AM Saturday morning.  This is a fun event and only six river miles (if you don’t get lost) and it is also a pleasant ride by car.   Folks come out of the woodwork to watch us fly down the ramp after breakfast.
2)  We will have a “SOCK IT TO THE CLOCK” contest with a level playing field for all who chose to participate.  There will be meaningful prizes for first through third place so plan to join in and perhaps a consolation prize just for entering the competition.  Instruction sheets will be available before hand.  Time to be determined but probably starting around Noon so that you will have the afternoon to play as you like.  You will be “racing” the clock one at a time so perhaps we will draw for sequence.  The skills required is to be able to operate a hovercraft and follow directions.  How simple is that?
3)  We will have a cookout Saturday evening around seven PM since we will have a good bit more daylight than in October.  The charge for the meal will be $5.00.  Some entertainment might be scheduled for after dinner.  Suggestions will be welcomed.
Friday evening and Sunday will be open to do your own thing.
Now folks, an RSVP would really be welcomed.  You can do this by contacting me(call or e-mail) or by conveniently registering on the Forum if you plan to attend.  Note that there is no registration fee.  This helps us know what to expect in the way of camping/RV spaces, Saturday breakfast numbers, and food for Saturday evening.  I do suggest, no, I ask you to let the Bradens know if you need an RV/motor home space and hookups as spaces are limited so check with the Bradens for availability.  Tent camping is $8.00 per night and RV sites are $20.00 per night.
The camp hosts are the Rural Retreat owners, Dave and Linda Braden.  Phone numbers:  423 334-3282 and 423 309-2035.  You will not find more hospitable hosts than the Bradens.
Harold and Janet Carter are the event organizers.  Please call 770 979-1560 or e-mail if you have specific questions. 
Note that Kent Gano has put a lot of time and effort into the Auburn University and University of Alabama event the following weekend.  It is unfortunate that these two events are so close together.  Hopefully some of you lucky ones will be able to attend both events.
I look forward to seeing a number of you at the Spring Fling at Big Spring.
H. Harold Carter HCA member #4897
2929 Wilsone PL
Snellville, GA  30039-6150   

Dave Reyburn ~
VP & Treasurer, Hoverclub of America
Vortex Raptor F1/FS Racer
Revtech Renegade Cruiser