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Help I'm new here!

New Member from Northwest Ohio

Matthew Curcio

Hey all my name is Matthew and I am new here and to hovercrafts. A little intro, I am 23 years old and I live up in Toledo. Recently graduated college and I am working full time as a Mechanical Engineer. I generally have a lot of toys and projects like these going on. At the moment I have been spending most of my time converting a 2000 freightliner sleeper cab semi, into a 30' rv. I spend a lot of time o the water and I have built several one off boats including a tiki bar quadtoon boat and 16' jet powered aluminum boat. hence these hovercrafts will spend most of their time on or near the water. I also spend a lot of time flying my powered Paraglider when the weather allows. I got in touch with Scott Hull and he advised me that I get plugged in on this website, sounds like a lot of good people. I did want to double check that I am in the right spot as their are two forums here. 

I purchased a pair a scat 1 and scat 2 as a project bundle, I guess you could say. The crafts are totally disassembled including the engines (277 rotax) but the only thing missing is 1 skirt (other is brand new). I am going to put the scat II together relatively quickly here and hopefully get it going. The big questions at the moment would be in regards to getting these legal and parts sourcing. I am sure I will have many technical questions along the way. I do have a heavy inclination towards swapping in a 503 rotax after getting a feel with the 277 in there. 

 I shouldn't needed any parts but I actually cracked the piston rings when I was checking everything out. Lockwood sells them but $120 for a set of piston rings seems ridiculous!! would this work -

Like I said my second question is in regards to titling. I didn't get a title from the previous owner and I am sure that the titles on these were lost in translation many owners and years back. I would like to try and title it as a home built and I have receipts for all of the parts. Anyone with experience here want to give me some advice. It is so hard / impossible to track down and get new title in Ohio that it is just not even worth it. It would be 2014 till I could use these things if I went that route.