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Hovercraft Events - Past and Present

Connecticut High School Races


Just returned from the races. It was a great success.

Had four High Schools competing this year. Five were on the schedule, but Glastonbury was a no show.

Of course Tolland, (Jim Benin's school), had a dominate three crafts, but before the start of the races, only two where deemed to be worthy of racing.  Manchester HS had one entry. Rockville had one entry. And Coginchaug had one entry.

Total of five crafts raced. We had 5-five lap heats. I'll have to get Jim Benini to post the results, as I did not write them down.

I wish I had pictures, but I was the starter and flagger. Rauol was taking a lot of pictures and videos, so I can hope he can add them here.

The venue was a challenge, as we had 4-5" of rain on Saturday. The lake went up at least two-three feet from setting up a 8:00 to the race to the end at 3:00. This erased all the launching dock. We had a nice staging area on asphalt in the morning, and had to stage on the grass towards the end of the event.

Fun day for the kids!

More to follow.

Jim Kenney
HCA #5812
1990 Hoverdynamics RX2000 Cuyuna 430
1987 Scat I Rotax 503
1988 Scat II Rotax 503