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Hovercraft Pics & Videos

Random Hovercraft Pictures - 3


[B]Boeing stealth hovercraft[/B]
[url=]Boeing stealth hovercraft | Aerospace Projects Review Blog[/url]
[QUOTE]The other artwork in the pile seemed to be from the 1970's, so it’s a safe bet this design dates from then as well.[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE]This is the hovercraft tank. In the mid-1930s, hovercraft were all the rage of the New Soviet Man. Vladimir Levkov, the father of the hovercraft, had developed the L-1 hovercraft in 1934. It is potentially the world’s first hovercraft. As the 1940s approached and war across Europe appeared more imminent, Levkov was keen on finding military applications for hovercraft.[/QUOTE]