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Help I'm new here!

New member need guidance

Bryan Cothren

Hello Everyone,
    My name is Bryan and i live in Girdwood, AK.  Girdwood is located right next to the Turnagain Arm,  a large tidal flat that fills up with water twice a day but the rest of the time is mainly glacial silt.  It is an untapped playground, jet boats don't run in it because the silt eats the jet pump and props don't because of the shallow ever changing channels.  A hovercraft would be the perfect way to safely navigate the arm.  I am in the process of building one but need some help.  I have been looking at hovercraft online for the past year.   I have been rounding up parts, but the more i learn the more my plans keep changing.  I want to build one that can carry 4 people.  I bought a scat finger skirt (the bigger one 6ft wide by 12ft long)  but now want to go a little bigger maybe 8ft wide by 13ft long.  I have a 120hp rotax for the thrust fan.  My thrust fan is a 42" dia 9 blade hascon.  My lift fan is a 30"dia 9 blade hascon.  I have a 24hp honda for the lift but am not sure if thats enough?  The honda is a horizontal shaft so i will lose efficiency with a 90 degree drive.  If someone could recommend the right amount of hp for the lift would be great.  The other thing i am stuck on is a good hull design. 
    any help would be greatly appreciated