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A rally includes sanctioned hovercraft racing consistent with the rules and regulations set forth in the US Racing Program section of this website. A Rally may also include cruising, model competition, technical conferences, banquets and other events. The Hoverclub of America generally hosts up to 3 rallies annually.




A Hover-In is an informal gathering of hovercraft enthusiasts. There may or may not be any planned activities or meals. There may be courtesy safety inspections. Show up and have fun with your hovercraft or, if you don't have a craft just show up and learn about hovercraft in a casual atmosphere. Operation at a Hover-In is based around a specific location but a short cruise may be planned if the site permits. Hovercraft operation is open to everybody, HCA membership is encouraged.


A Cruise is generally a sight-seeing ride on a scenic river or waterway. Hovercrafters normally travel from a put-in site to a planned point of interest, and then back again. A long cruise could cover 100 miles in a single day, but many will range of 40 to 60 miles (round trip).  If you don't have a hovercraft or your's is not operating for some reason contact a fellow hovercrafter and see if you can hook up a ride.