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If you have good quality edited hovercraft videos that you would like to share here, please contact Dave Reyburn

Med City Hovercraft Videos

 Med city Hovercraft.
By James Kenison.


Other Videos


2008 "Hover-In" 

Hovercraft near 

Vancouver, WA



Rock River Cruise

 Cruising The Rock River in Rockford Illinois, June 18, 2011  


Suwannee River Cruise IV

 Michael Murphy recorded this video on the Suwannee IV cruise  
 Filmed entirely with a GoPro Hero HD cam, three friends embark on a hovercraft cruise on the upper Suwannee River from Fargo, GA. Aligator infested waters, and downed trees blocking the river, are no match for the Hovercraft.
 Continuing the journey back to Fargo through the aligator infested waters of the upper suwannee river. Louis Bondurant, Phil Whitney and Dave Reyburn cruise their hovercraft one last time down the Suwannee before turning their sights south to Florida.  
 Dave Reyburn and Phil Whitney clowning around in their Neoteric Hovercraft on the Suwannee River, Florida. This was the last cruise of the weekend before we headed home, the sun was going down, but we weren't done having fun!!!  
 This sand bar provided a great rest stop on our hovercraft cruise up the Suwannee River, then on up the Santa Fe River. This is in the area of Bell, Florida  

Great Miami River Cruise, Troy, OH 2011

Dave and Travis Reyburn cruise their Hovercraft on the Great Miami River south of Troy, OH on Memorial day weekend 2011. Racing was planned for Saturday in Troy, but had to be cancelled due to flooding, so what else could we do? When life gives you flooded rivers ....


Other Cruises 

 Nickajack Lake Cruise in Atlanta Area, October 2010, By Michael Murphy  


Ice Hovering videos

 Dave and Travis go ice hovering on Webster Lake, North Webster, Indiana, January 3, 2011. Filmed with a GoPro HD HERO in 720p 60fps  
 Dave and Trav's Hovercraft adventures on ice continues ...  


More Videos

Wabash Cannonball Cruise

 Dave Reyburn and Gary Jensen cruising the Wabash River in their Hovercraft on a beautiful calm sunny day. The location is Vincennes, Indiana, Location ofHoverally 2012