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Welcome to the Hoverclub of America!!

We are America's Leader in Recreational Hovercrafting.  This site will help keep you connected with hovercrafters around the USA and the world. We are more than just a website and a newsletter - our members cruise our nations waterways.  Our members race.  Our members build fully functional hovercrafts.  Our members give demonstrations to schools, and much more!  We encourage you to join our club and experience all of the many opportunities to enjoy hovercrafting.  Our website and is full of resources.  Our forums allow members to communicate ideas and get assistance.  Create your own photo pages, have a build diary or submit your favorite video for posting. Want to find a member near you?  You can check out the membership directory to contact someone in your area.  If you have any questions or concerns please Contact Us.


Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events



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What's New

Try watching this and see if it doesn't get your mouth watering for hovering in 2015

10/18/14- Last Cruise of the year 
We have finished the last scheduled cruise for 2014 and want to thank all of the organizers and participants for another great year of hover cruising. Here is a shot of your next year's Fall cruise.
Taking a rest at the dam in Hamilton Ohio. 
Click the link for full details
9/6/14 - Date set for the 2015 Florida Cruise -  The cruise will still be at Loughmans Lake Lodge like last year, and will be held April 17-19, 2015. Click HERE for more info.
8/1/14 - Mississippi River Cruise - New Date for the Muscatine, IA cruise
7/31/14 - Hoverally 2014 is now in the books. Check out some great video from Tom Chapman
6/24/14 - Hoverally Piqua 2014 - Will feature Australian Hovercraft Designer Owen Ellis, founder of Revtech Hovercraft, as guest speaker at the banquet.  Owen will share his experiences with his Hovercraft companies through the years. Click the link to register for Hoverally.   Hoverally 2014 - Piqua, OH - 7/18/2014
6/17/14 - Video from the White River Cruise in Noblesville, IN.

5/23/14 - Upcoming - Connecticut High School Hovercraft competition - Click the link for more information.  Connecticut High School Formula Entry Level Competition - 5/31/2014

5/6/14 - Upcoming - White River Cruise in Noblesville, Indiana.  Click the link to register.

Here is what Hoverally is all about! Sharing the fun with new hoverpilots. Here is Harold Carter giving a ride to a future hover pilot at a past hoverally. Thanks Harold for sharing your passion.

2/16/14 - Minnesota Hoverclub members James and Doug Kenison have gained some great notoriety with their Deer rescue on ice

2/3/14 - Belleville Lake Ice Hover-in - CANCELLED!

Racing Briefs


 Join us at one of our 3 Race events this year!!!

Connecticut High School Formula Entry Level Competition - 5/31/2014

Hoverally 2014 - Piqua, OH - 7/18/2014

Chilson Pond Races, Brighton MI - 9/27/2014


Cruising Brief


Have a neat place you like to hover?  Why not plan a cruise and share it with other members.  Let us know & we'll help get the word out to the members!